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On Your request, company TARGET Polska Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. is always ready to present an offer for all below enlisted products:

Liquid products

Full cream milk
Skim milk
Evaporated skim milk
Pasteurized cream 40% fat
Liquid buttermilk
Liquid whey concentrates (18% and 30% dry matter)
Liquid milk protein concentrates
UHT products

Milk powders and derivatives

Skim milk powder ADPI EXTRA GRADE

(offered in low, medium and high heat versions)
Full cream milk powder ADPI EXTRA GRADE
Buttermilk powder
Milk powder’s substitutes
Milk permeates

Whey powders and derivatives

Sweet whey powder
Acid whey powder
Demineralized whey powder – 40%, 50%, 70%, 90%
Whey protein concentrates – 30-34%, 50%, 60%, 80-85%
Whey protein isolates
Whey permeates
Fat filled whey powder

Other powdered products

Cream powder
Yoghurt powder
Cheese powder
Milk protein concentrates 30-34%, 50%, 60%, 80-85%
Edible casein and caseinates
Edible Lactose (mesh 100 – 200)
Pharmaceutical lactose


Fat products Unsalted sweet cream butter - 25kg blocks
Unsalted sweet cream butter in retail packages (private labels)
Anhydrous milk fat - AMF


Gouda 45%

Edam 30% 40% 45%



Pizza cheese

Analogue cheese

Industrial cheese for processing

Cheese off cuts

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