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What do we offer to customers?

  • Thanks to broad contacts with esteemed polish and international manufacturers of top quality dairy products, we’re always prepared to offer each product, contemporarily manufactured by world dairy industry
  • We deliver price attractive high quality fatty, powdered and liquid dairy raw materials to several branches of foodstuff, animal feeds and chemical industry
  • We always fulfill our customers’ expectations and are always opened to their suggestions
  • We offer not only full trucks loads but also smaller lots of products in the most appropriate way to our customers
  • Our warehouses operate 24 hours and 7 days a week
  • Thanks to thorough supplier’s selection we guarantee our customers that delivered products will meet the highest quality standards
  • On customers requests we deliver specialized products not produced in their countries
  • We advise customers not only by standard dairy products’ selection but also substitutes
  • We deliver tailor made dairy products created on special customers’ request
  • In our product range not only standard dairy products, but also broad selection of “tailor made” products created with regard to customers’ special requirements, can be found

We kindly invite You to cooperation.
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